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In der Volkswirtschaftslehre ist das Cournot-Oligopol eine modellhafte Marktsituation, die von Antoine-Augustin Cournot zuerst beschrieben und analysiert wurde. Sie taucht in der Literatur auch unter den Namen Cournot-Dyopol und Nash-Cournot-Gleichgewicht auf.Im Cournot-Oligopol wird das Verhalten zweier oder mehrerer Konkurrenten auf einem unvollkommenen Markt beschrieben, auf dem die. Cournot competition is an economic model used to describe an industry structure in which companies compete on the amount of output they will produce, which they decide on independently of each other and at the same time. It is named after Antoine Augustin Cournot (1801-1877) who was inspired by observing competition in a spring water duopoly Cournot duopoly, also called Cournot competition, is a model of imperfect competition in which two firms with identical cost functions compete with homogeneous products in a static setting. It was developed by Antoine A. Cournot in his Researches Into the Mathematical principles of the Theory of Wealth, 1838. Cournot's duopoly represented the creation of the study of oligopolies, more. Cournot Gleichgewicht - Erklärung und Beispiel. Der französische Mathematiker und Wirtschaftstheoretiker Antoine-Augustin Cournot entwickelte das Duopol von Stackelberg weiter, indem er eine Marktsituation beschrieb, bei der das Verhalten zweier oder mehrerer Konkurrenten auf einem unvollkommenen Markt analysiert wird

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Beispiel: Cournot-Gleichgewicht berechnen. Auf einem Markt mit 2 Oligopolisten A und B liegt folgende Preis-Absatz-Funktion vor, die hier den Preis in Abhängigkeit der nachgefragten Menge darstellt: p(x) = 140 - x (Ist die nachgefragte Menge z.B. 40, ist der Preis p(40) = 140 - 40 = 100).. Nun teilt man die Nachfrage x gedanklich in die 2 Teilmengen auf, die der Oligopolist A und der. Cournot's duopoly model The model One model of duopoly is the strategic game in which the players are the firms the actions of each firm are the set of possible outputs (any nonnegative amount) the payoff of each firm is its profit. (The name of Cournot, who wrote in the early 19th century, is associated with this model, though his analysis is a little different from the modern one.) This game. Dieser Punkt wird als Cournot-Nash-Gleichgewicht bezeichnet. Die Reaktionsfunktion. Die Entscheidung eines Unternehmens ist abhängig von der Entscheidung des anderen. Rein formell ist also der optimale Output von U1 eine Funktion in Abhängigkeit des Output von U2, $\ y*1 = f(y*2) $ zu $ y_1= f(y_2) $ Diese Funktion wird als Reaktionsfunktion bezeichnet. Mit einer kleinen Änderung der. Cournot developed his model after observing competition in a spring water duopoly. It is ironic that even in a product as basic as bottled mineral water, one would be hard-pressed to find. COURNOT DUOPOLY: an example Let the inverse demand function and the cost function be given by P = 50 − 2Q and C = 10 + 2q respectively, where Q is total industry output and q is the firm's output. First consider first the case of uniform-pricing monopoly, as a benchmark. Then in this case Q = q and the profit function is π(Q) = (50 − 2Q)Q −10 −2Q = 48Q −2Q 2 −10. Solving dπ dQ.

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  1. imal zu unterbieten und den gesamten Markt zu übernehmen. Dadurch sink der Preis bis.
  2. Cournot-Oligopol. is assigned to the following subject groups in the lexicon: VWL Wirtschaftstheorie > Außenwirtschaftstheorie > Außenwirtschaft Weiterführende Schwerpunktbeiträge. Außenhandel. CharakterisierungDer Außenhandel umfasst die staatlichen Grenzen überschreitenden Handelsbeziehungen. Er bildet die Grundlage der internationalen Arbeitsteilung. Der Unterschied zwischen.
  3. The Cournot Duopoly. Antoine Cournot was a French mathematician and philosopher. In the early to mid-1880s, Cournot used his understanding of mathematics to formulate and publish a significant model of what oligopolies look like. The model, known as the Cournot Duopoly Model (or the Cournot Model), places weight on the quantity of goods and services produced, stating that it is what shapes the.
  4. Formally, this model differs from the Cournot Duopoly in that the follower's pure strategy space is not merely quantities but is, rather, the set of complete contingent quantity plans in which the contingency is the leader's quantity choice. Arbitrarily denoting the leader as firm 1, the strategy spaces are S 1 = [0, D(0)] and: S 2 = {ŷ 2: S 1 → [0, D (0)]}. That is, the follower's.
  5. The Cournot equilibrium comes from Cournot's competition model, which shows how two companies in a duopoly can successfully compete without price fixing or colluding on their output. The model was developed in the 19th century by French mathematician Augustin Cournot while analyzing two companies selling spring water

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Wie bereits erwähnt, führt imperfekte Information dazu, dass Cournot-Wettbewerb herrscht. Im Stackelberg-Duopol sind dennoch einige Cournot-Gleichgewichte als Nash-Gleichgewichte erhalten geblieben, die allerdings als unglaubwürdige Drohungen (wie oben beschrieben) identifiziert werden können, indem man das Lösungskonzept der Teilspielperfektheit anwendet Das Cournot Oligopol wird auch Cournot Dyopol oder Cournot Nash-Gleichgewicht genannt. Teilweise wird auch der Begriff Cournot Modell verwendet. Es beschreibt die Reaktion zweier Anbieter auf einem vollkommenen Markt, bei dem die Wettbewerber das Verhalten des anderen in ihre Entscheidung einbeziehen. Im Ergebnis wird ein Preis erzielt, der über dem der vollkommenen Konkurrenz, aber unter dem.

3.2. Cournot Model Total quantity and the equilibrium price are: 1 N N n c N N n n a c a c Q nq q n b b n a c a n p a bQ a b c c →∞ →∞ − − = = → = + − = − = − = + → Industrial Economics-Matilde Machado 3.2. Cournot Model 15 If the number of firms in the oligopoly converges to ∞, the Nash-Cournot equilibrium converges to. This video explains how to find Nash Equilibrium for Cournot Duopoly Model. Cournot Duopoly Model - Nash Equilibrium Cournot Duopoly Model Cournot Duopoly Na.. Cournot Duopoly Calculator; Customize; Sign up; Log in; Copy shortlink; Report this content; Manage subscriptions. A Duopoly Example. Consider an industry with two firms. Firms are identical and produce an homogenous product. Firms have to select outputs (capacity) in order to maximize profits. Each firm knows its own total cost of production, the total cost of production of the competitor and the industry demand. We analyze two different scenarios: (i) one-shot scenario, i.e., the life of the industry. Cournot duopoly model (1838) Posted on 09/03/2020 by HKT Research Named after French economist Antoine Augustin Cournot (1801-1877), Cournot duopoly model shows two firms that react to one another's output changes until they eventually reach a position from which neither would wish to depart

In this paper, the dynamics of Cournot duopoly game with a generalized bounded rationality is considered. The fractional bounded rationality of the Cournot duopoly game is introduced. The conditions of local stability analysis of equilibrium points of the game are derived. The effect of fractional marginal profit on the game is investigated The earliest duopoly model was developed in 1838 by the French economist Augustin Cournot. The model may be presented in many ways. The original version is quite limited in that it makes the assumption that the duopolists have identical products and identical costs. Actually Cournot illustrated his model with the example of two firms each owning a spring of mineral water, which is produced at. Cournot Competition describes an industry structure in which competing companies simultaneously (and independently) chose a quantity to produce. This sort of competition leads to an inefficient equilibrium. Meanwhile, Bertrand Competition describes an industry structure (i.e. an oligopoly) in which competing companies simultaneously (and independently) chose a price at which to sell their. Cournot duopoly, also called Cournot competition, is a model of imperfect competition in which two firms with identical cost functions compete with homogeneous products in a static setting Duopol - turu struktuuri, kus kaks teemat, mis on kaitstud välimus teiste müüjate tegutseda ainus tootja See mudel pakuti Prantsuse teadlane Cournot . представляет собой. The Cournot duopoly model offers one view of firms competing through the quantity produced. Duopoly means two firms, which simplifies the analysis. The Cournot model assumes that the two firms move simultaneously, have the same view of market demand, have good knowledge of each other's cost functions, and choose their profit-maximizing output with the belief that their rival chooses the same.

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In the Cournot model of duopoly it is assumed that firms produce a homogenous good and know the market demand curve. Each firm has to decide how much to produce, and the two firms take their decisions at the same time. When making its production decision, each firm takes its competitor into account. It knows that its competitor is also taking output decision, i.e., it is deciding how much to. Duopol Cournot to sytuacja gdzie na rynku działa dwóch oligopolistów, którzy jednocześnie ustalają ilości wytwarzanego produktu w celu maksymalizacji swoich zysków. Ponadto, produkują oni takie same dobra, co do których nabywcy nie posiadają preferencji Cournot duopol modeli istikrarlıdır 15.3 Bertrand Duopoly The Cournot oligopoly is only one of many possible oligopoly models. Although the predictions of the Cournot model seem plausible, there is a troubling inconsistency with the Cournot behavioral postulate Cournot duopoly model is a basic economic model for business competitions . In this model there are only two agents (firms) to make a same product, and the competition is on quantity. The competition is to make decisions how many production they offer at the same time. If both firms collude with the other, they can reduce product supply to a quantity (denoted a

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In Chapter 7, Cournot presents his famous duopoly model. sets up a mathematical model with two rival producers of a homogeneous product. Each producer is conscious that his rival's quantity decision will also impact the price he faces and thus his profits. Consequently Cournot Duopoly: A Cournot duopoly is an oligopoly competition where there only two firms in the market. The firms compete in the quality of output to produce and each firm chooses its profit. The Cournot duopoly model states that the quantity of goods/services produced structures competition among the two companies in an industry. These two companies decide collaboratively to split the market between one another First, a merger can better encourage R&D investment than the competition case. Second, with a small degree of product differentiation (PD), the merger criterion under the Cournot duopoly is stricter than that of the Bertrand case. By contrast, with a moderate or large degree of PD, the opposite is true

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Cournot Competition: Is a model (Oligopoly the model was built on Duopoly) where a firm competes in the Oligopoly market on quantity, maximizing profit given what it believes the other firm(s) will produce. Profit for the firm is maximized by setting its marginal revenue equal to marginal cost and determining it's quantity relative it's rival Topic 4: Duopoly: Cournot-Nash Equilibrium. We now turn to the situation when there are a small number of firms in the industry and these firms have the option of colluding with or competing with each other. To begin with, we assume that there are only two firms---a situation called duopoly. Then in the next Topic we will consider a larger number of firms---first four and then ten. When there.

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  1. Nash‐Cournot‐Modell ist der Vergleichsmaßstab. Also zunächst die Nash‐Cournot‐ Lösung ermitteln. Nash‐Cournot‐Gleichgewicht 1. Aufstellen der Gewinnfunktion & Vereinfachen G1(x1,x2) a b(x1 x2) x1 c x1 (a c) x1 bx1(x1 x2) 2. Herleitung der Reaktionsfunktionen R1 und R2
  2. Hinloopen and Vandekerckhove [18, 19] considered the efficiency of Cournot and Bertrand equilibria in a duopoly where firms invest in process R&D that generates input spillovers; C. H. Tremblay and V. J. Tremblay investigated the outcomes of the mixed Cournot-Bertrand model when the degree of product differentiation is allowed to vary, but the choice of the strategic variable is not allowed.
  3. A Cournot-like duopoly facing the following reverse market demand function: P = a-Q (More precisely P (Q) = a-Q for Q <a and P (Q)=0 for Q> = a) Where Q =q1 +92 is the production of the company i = 1,2. Each firm i maximizes profits and faces unit costs equal to c (we assume that c <a). a) Find the Nash equilibrium (Cournot equilibrium)
  4. The Cournot model was based on the economist Antoine Augustin Cournot's investigation of the duopoly in French spring water. In his model he assumes firms produce a homogenous product, they do not co-operate, firms act rationally and they have market power. The main form of competition is in choosing optimal output. Cournot concluded that firms would effectively act like a monopolist setting.
  5. The Cournot Augustus Cournot (1801-1877). oligopoly model is the most popular model of imperfect competition. It is a model in which the number of firms matters, and it represents one way of thinking about what happens when the world is neither perfectly competitive nor a monopoly. In the Cournot mode
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Duopoly 1. DUOPOLY Presented By: Usama Qadri Umair Shaukat Fazeel Ahmad Usman Khan Shahid Tanveer 2. DUOPOLY INTRODUCTION: Two Words Duo---Two Polies---Sellers Market with TWO sellers Just below Monopoly Simplest Form of Oligopoly Have Power to control Market Super Normal Profits Two Classifications: One in which there Cournot equilibrium is the output level at which each firm in the oligopoly maximizes its profit given the output level of all other firms. No firm can gain from changing its output level away from Cournot equilibrium because the response of other firms will wipe out any additional profit Cournot-Nash equilibrium in a duopoly, under a linear demand curve, A proposed solution to the problem of parallel pricing in oligopolistic markets It is obvious that under Cournot-Nash equilibrium the output of the privatized firm [q.sub.1] is negatively correlated with the degree of privatization y Das Cournot-Duopol. Es ist ein interessantes Problem aus der Wirtschaftswissenschaft die Verhaltensweisen von Unternehmen in Konkurrenzsituationen zu untersuchen. Diese wollen natürlich einen möglichst hohen Gewinn einfahren müssen aber berücksichtigen, dass dies auch die anderen wollen. Also ein interessantes Anwendungsgebiet für die Spieltheorie! Die beiden Telefonunternehmen WoDa? und. For example, in Cournot duopoly, each firm's equilibrium quantity is that one which induces the other firm to produce its equilibrium quantity. The firms are right in their beliefs, in Fellner's famous remark, but right for the wrong reason. That is, it is not actually true, as conjectured by the firm, that the other firm's quantity is a constant. The other firm's quantity depends nontrivially.

In the Dixit model (sequential Cournot duopoly with the Incumbent choosing capacity before the potential entrant makes an entry decision) two firms (Incumbent & Entrant) are facing the market demand given by P = 180 - Q, where P is the market price and Q is the market quantity demanded. Each firm must pay w = 45 per unit of output for labour and r = 45 per unit of output for capital (one. Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit Cournot duopoly - Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen Stackelberg Model of Duopoly Comparison of Cournot Duopoly NE and Stackelberg NE q 1 q 2 P ˇ 1 ˇ 2 Cournot NE 40 40 70 1600 1600 Stackelberg NE 60 30 60 1800 900 Firm1 who moves rst enjoys a rst mover advantage. Behaves more aggressively and secures more pro ts ˇ 1 than what it achieves in Cournot NE. Saltuk Ozerturk (SMU) Stackelberg. Created Date: 2/16/2016 4:15:00 PM. Lernen Sie die Übersetzung für 'Cournot s+duopoly+model' in LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch. Mit Flexionstabellen der verschiedenen Fälle und Zeiten Aussprache und relevante Diskussionen Kostenloser Vokabeltraine Cournot Competition, also known as Cournot duopoly, is a model used in economics to describe a market structure in which firms produce standardized and identical products (no product.

  1. In this paper, a dynamic quantum Cournot duopoly game with heterogeneous players is proposed by applying the Li-Du-Massar scheme. We analyze the influence of the degree of quantum entanglement (DQE) on stability and dynamics behavior of the system. The result shows that: (i) The corresponding classical Cournot duopoly game is a special case of the dynamic quantum Cournot duopoly game
  2. Antoine-Augustin Cournot (* 28. August 1801 in Gray; † 31. März 1877 in Paris) war ein französischer Mathematiker und Wirtschaftstheoretiker. Er kann zur klassischen Ökonomie gezählt werden und gilt als Mitbegründer der mathematischen Wirtschaftstheorie. Leben. Augustin Cournots mathematische Ausbildung erfolgte am Lycée de Besançon, seine Studien setzte er 1821 am École Normale zu.
  3. Cournot Duopoly — Equilibrium I Symmetry: As firms are identical, the computation is the same for firm 2. Reaction functions for firms 1 and 2: y 1 2R1 y2 1 M c y2 y 2 2R2 y1 1 M c y1 - Typeset by FoilTEX - 5. Cournot Duopoly — Equilibrium II Equilibrium ('Cournot-Nash-Equilibrium')at intersection of re-action curves: Mutual best responses. PSfrag replacements y1 y2 R1 y 2.
  4. JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC THEORY 42, 183-187 (1987) Cournot Duopoly with Two Production Periods GARTH SALONER Department of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 Received August 5, 1985; revised May 5, 1986 We modify the Cournot model by allowing for two production periods before the market clears
  5. Under some conditions the Cournot model can be recast as a two-stage model, wherein the first stage firms choose capacities, and in the second they compete in Bertrand fashion. Bertrand predicts a duopoly is enough to push prices down to marginal cost level; a duopoly will result in an outcome exactly equivalent to what prevails under perfect competition. See also. Aggregative game.
  6. The first systematic oligopoly model was published by the French economist Antoine Augustin Cournot (1801-77) in 1838. Although Cournot's model was based on some unrealistic assump­tions, his method of analysis has been useful for subsequent theoretical development in the areas of duopoly and oligopoly. The Assumptions of the Cournot Model

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Duopoly A situation in which two companies split all or nearly all the market share of a good or service. There are two models for duopoly: the Cournot model and the Bertrand model. In the Cournot model, the two companies assume the output of the other, resulting in greater output than in a monopoly, but less than in a state of perfect competition. This. Duopoly models in economics and game theory. There are two principal duopoly models, Cournot duopoly and Bertrand duopoly: The Cournot model, which shows that two firms assume each other's output and treat this as a fixed amount, and produce in their own firm according to this.; The Bertrand model, in which, in a game of two firms, each one of them will assume that the other will not change. Cournot-Nash equilibrium quantities qN 1 = qN2=4,asshownbelowontheleft,andeachfirm makes a profit of π1 (4,4) = π2 (4,4) = 16. Now say that firm 1 were to suddenly experience higher costs c=3rather than zero. A little work shows that this would shift firm 1's reaction curve inwards to r1 (a2)=9/2−r2/2

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Experiments on Cournot Duopoly. The experiments on Cournot competition, where sellers choose quantities to produce have focused mainly on two issues: Whether subjects do play the Nash predictions or not and how subjects learn to play given different information conditions. Holt (1985) and Mason, Phillips, and Redington(1991) found in their experiments that the quantity choices of players. Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay! Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. Finde ‪Cournot‬ SOLUTION OF COURNOT DUOPOLY EQUILIBRUM TO DETERMINE THE BEST TIME PARAMETER. Research article. Dorofeeva Yu.A.* ORCID: 0000-0002-9327-6705, Petrozavodsk State University, Petrozavodsk, Russia * Corresponding author (julana2008[at]yandex.ru) Abstract. The duopoly model assumes that only two companies operate in the market. Each of them takes the price and volume of the competitor's production. Cournot Duopoly. It is named after Antoine Augustin Cournot — who was inspired by observing competition in a spring water duopoly. An essential assumption of this model is the not conjecture that each firm aims to maximize profits, based on the expectation that its own output decision will not have an effect on the decisions of its rivals. Price is a commonly known decreasing function. This paper analyzes Cournot duopoly games that are constructed based on Cobb-Douglas preferences. We introduce here two models whose dynamic adjustments depend on bounded rationality, dynamic adjustment, and tit-for-tat mechanism. In the first model, we have two firms with limited information and due to that they adopt the bounded rationality mechanism

Cournot Duopoly Here we concentrate an extraordinary kind of market structure - two firms. Slide 2. Say we have a market where the request in the market is P = 100 - 2Q (chart on next slide). On the off chance that we had just a single firm in the market - a syndication - and if the firm had a steady MC = 10, then we know the benefit boosting firm would discover the Q where MR = MC and set. Consider a symmetric differentiated duopoly model in which firms have private market data about the uncertain demand. We analyze two types of duopoly information equilibrium, Cournot and Bertrand, which emerge, respectively, from quantity and price competition, and show that the incentives for information sharing and its welfare consequences depend crucially on the type of competition, the. Consider a Cournot duopoly facing market demand p(Q) = 50 - 4Q. Suppose that firm 1 has cost function C1(q) = 0, and that firm 2 has cost function C2(q) = cq.a) Derive firm 1's best-response function b1(q2). Derive firm 2's best-response function b2(q1). Note: Since the firms are asymmetric, you cannot use a symmetry argument Downloadable! Algorithmic collusion is an emerging concept in current artificial intelligence age. Whether algorithmic collusion is a creditable threat remains as an argument. In this paper, we propose an algorithm which can extort its human rival to collude in a Cournot duopoly competing market. In experiments, we show that, the algorithm can successfully extorted its human rival and gets. In this paper, we compare Bertrand and Cournot equilibria in a differentiated duopoly with linear demand and cost functions. We extend the Singh and Vives (1984) model by allowing for a wider range of cost and demand (product quality) asymmetry between firms. Focusing on the case of substitute goods, we show that both the efficient firm's profits and industry profits are higher under Bertrand.

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Proposes a model which shows that Stackelberg competition is not necessarily welfare‐ enhancing compared with Cournot competition. Shows that, although in a simple duopoly model prices in a Stackelberg equilibrium are lower than in a Cournot equilibrium, this is not necessarily true in an entry‐deterrence framework, where post‐entry competition is Stackelberg rather than Cournot Duopoly definition is - an oligopoly limited to two sellers. Recent Examples on the Web Most of all, Boeing shares with Airbus a duopoly in a gigantic business that at some point will return to robust growth. — Shawn Tully, Fortune, 6 reasons Boeing's financial picture may be brighter than most assume, 20 June 2020 What Boeing can bank on is the longstanding aircraft duopoly will endure Total output is greater with cournot duopoly than in a monopoly. However lower than under perfect competition ; Prices are lower in duopoly than in monopoly, but again not as low as under perfect competition ; If the amount of companies increases the outcome will become closer to the situation of perfect competition. Firms will have an incentive to collude. So now you hopefully know how to.

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  1. Cournot duopoly model under uncertainty . Sameh S. Askar 1,2, Elsayed Ahmed 2, Mohamed F. Elettreby 2,3. 1 Department of Statistics and Operations Resear ches, College of Science, King Saud Univ.
  2. The Cournot model of oligopoly assumes that rival firms produce a homogenous product, and each attempts to maximize profits by choosing how much to produce. All firms choose output (quantity) simultaneously. The basic Cournot assumption is that each firm chooses its quantity, taking as given the quantity of its rivals. The resulting equilibrium is a Nash equilibrium in quantities, called a.
  3. e the Cournot Duopoly Equilibrium quantity for each firm and the Equilibrium Price. Suppose that the Marginal Cost for each firm is NOT zero (0) but rather MC = $5.00. Deter
  4. In particular, the Cournot-Bertrand profit differential has been investigated in a duopoly framework with firms' asymmetric costs and demands (Dastidar, 1997;Amir & Jin, 2001;Zanchettin, 2006;Wang.
  5. The aim of the paper is to analyze the dynamic model of the Cournot duopoly game with bounded rationality associated to two firms. We consider the cost function of the first firm as nonlinear and for the second firm as linear. The players do not have a complete knowledge of the market and they follow a bounded rationality adjustment process based on the estimation of the marginal profit. Also.
  6. ant strategy for each firm in Bertrand.
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Cournot Duopoly with Linear Demand and Linear Costs Let q 1 and q 2 be the quantities of homogeneous items produced by two rms with associ- ated marginal costs c 1 and c 2 per item respectively. Items sell at P= a b(q 1 + q 2) each and it is assumed that all items produced are sold. The pro ts made by the rms are the Lecture 6 Cournot oligopoly Cournot's Model of Oligopoly Single good produced by n firms Cost to firm i of producing qi units: Ci(qi), where Ci is nonnegative and increasing If firms' total output is Q then market price is P(Q), where P is nonincreasing Profit of firm i, as a function of all the firms' outputs: Cournot's Model of Oligopoly Strategic game: players: firms each firm's. Topic: Cournot and Bertrand equilibria VERY IMPORTANT : do not look at the answers until you have made a VERY serious effort to solve the problem. If you turn to the answers to get clues or help, you are wasting a chance to test how well you are prepared for the exams. I will not give you more practice problems later on. yxop 1. In the town of Middleofnowhere there are only two farmers and. Cournot Duopoly Irina Hasnas Dusseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE) Geb aude 24.31, Universit atsstr. 1, 40225 Dusseldorf, Germany irina.hasnas@dice.hhu.de Luca Lambertini Department of Economics, University of Bologna Strada Maggiore 45, 40125 Bologna, Italy ENCORE, University of Amsterdam Roetersstraat 11, WB1018 Amsterdam, The Netherlands luca.lambertini@unibo.it Arsen. Cournot and Bertrand Models The two models we studied had very similar assumptions, but very di erent conclusions. The Cournot model predicted a duopoly prices were lower than monopoly prices but higher than under perfect competition. The Bertrand predicted duopolies would drive prices down to marginal costs, as is the case with perfect competition. Which leads to asking 1)why the outcomes are.

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